Experienced professionals.

“Vorsprung durch Technik” means mastering tomorrow’s challenges today. Audi is the right place for experts and experienced professionals wanting to turn this progressiveness into tangible results. Whether you are looking for a specialist career or leadership function – we can help you in the various areas with a comprehensive range of training programmes and regular assistance measures, and offer excellent prospects for experienced professionals. Through the Audi Welcome Programme we support you from the very beginning – with important information and fantastic experiences – to make sure you get off to a successful start at Audi.

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    Challenging assignments and opportunities to advance – we consistently demand and expect the very best from our employees. But along with these high expectations, we also provide support so that you can put your individual strengths to use while also continuing your personal development.

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    We challenge you in a wide range of areas – a position in management at Audi is anything but a chance to sit back and relax. We challenge you in a wide range of areas, you are a specialist, HR officer, coach or controller and want one thing more than anything else: to build even better cars!

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    Skilled workers and technicians

    Audi relies on its own junior staff – to ensure that we can continue to build our cars with the familiar high standards, Audi relies on recruiting staff from its own junior ranks. An apprenticeship is thus the best way of joining Audi as a skilled worker. We occasionally also hire highly qualified specialist staff with relevant knowledge and experience.

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