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Experience progress electrified with Audi e-tron.

With Audi e-tron, you're diving into a world where progress meets electrification. Our range isn't just about going further—it's about enhancing your journey with more performance, extended range, and smart features that adapt to any environment.

They can take you far. And then, even further.

In desert regions, nothing is nearby. So can electric really go the distance? With selectable driving modes and intelligent energy recuperation, the Audi e-tron range can – with ranges up to 600 km.

Charging at home & on the road.

Charge your electric car or plug-in hybrids conveniently at home or whilst on the road with an electric charging network that is ever growing.

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Home charging at a glance.

Take the power back home.

  • Plug in and charge overnight for a full charge in the morning.
  • Take advantage of cheaper night time electricity rates
  • Save trips to public charging stations with home charging

Public charging at a glance.

Let the power follow you.

  • The electric charging network in the Middle East region is growing.
  • Benefit from super fast charging times.
  • Get easy access to thousands of public charging stations.
  • Use your Audi navigation system to find convenient charging stops along your route.

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The future within range.

With Audi’s innovations in battery and charging technology, it’s easy to go the distance, and make the most of every journey. Whether it's the daily commute, weekend trips or long journeys of discovery – the Audi e-tron models are built to take you beyond average ranges.

Influence your driving range.

Planning ahead and adopting an economical driving style will have the most influence on range. Find out more below.

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Maximising your range.

Depending on your location and driving style, there are ways you can improve your Audi EV’s range.

  • Set a higher recuperation rate.
  • Use Efficiency or Range Modes.
  • Limit heating and air conditioning.
  • Pre-condition your car while on charge.

Learning your range.

When you first collect your new electric Audi, it’s normal to notice a range figure that’s different to what you’d expect, even on a full charge. This is because the car needs to ‘learn’ your driving habits before it can calculate a more accurate mileage range.

Lease the Audi Q5.

Embracing the Electric lifestyle: What’s it really like?

Discover invaluable Audi e-tron service costs and cost savings, along with expert tips for caring for your car’s battery.

Let’s get you charged.

Audi’s charging network is expanding every day in the Middle East region, through various partnerships with governmental and privately-owned charging networks. Audi is also currently establishing their own charging network and adding to existing charging infrastructure, through collaborations with brands such as Siemens in the UAE.

Audi’s electric infrastructure. Through partnerships and proprietary charging technologies, Audi is growing the electric infrastructure of the Middle East. This includes home installations of Audi e-tron original chargers and third-party provider units, as well as the expansion of public, on-the-road charging stations.

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