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Audi Warranty

Audi Warranty

Audi Warranty

Complete peace of mind which you can rely on. When you buy a new vehicle from an authorized Audi Partner, AUDI AG provides you with a three-year warranty through your Audi Partner for which the statutory regulations apply. If there is ever an issue with your vehicle, please inform your Audi Partner, who will then arrange the next steps.

Audi guarantees that the vehicle is free of faults relating to materials and workmanship:

  • Free new-car warranty for new vehicles – ex works and with no mileage restrictions
  • Important: All service intervals must be performed according to the requirements of AUDI AG

In addition to this, Audi provides you with:

– a 3-year guarantee against paint damage.
– a 12-year guarantee against body rust perforation.
– an 8-year / 160,000 km battery warranty for electric vehicles.

In addition to that, Audi Extended Warranty (+2 years or 150.000km whatever occurs first) can be retrofitted to all vehicles within the 36 months warranty period. For further information please get in touch with your local authorized Audi Partner

Any claims under the warranty can only be made at authorized Audi Partners in the Middle East and Near East region.

Audi Extended Warranty

The Audi Extended Warranty makes the difference. In times when your expectations are rising continuously, Audi’s increasingly determines your loyalty convincing services and service offers.

With the Audi Extended Warranty, Audi offers you a 100% manufacturer’s guarantee with no additional forms or signatures. It can be ordered as an option when buying a new car, and provides effective protection for many unforeseeable repair costs. It is for up to two years after the expiration of the manufacturer’s guarantee up to a maximum of 150,000km for all models. It can also be arranged as a part of a leasing, financing or cash purchase package, and automatically remains when the vehicle is resold.

Benefits of an Audi Extended Warranty

  • 100 % manufacturer’s guarantee – an extended warranty with no ifs or buts
  • Cost control through comprehensive protection against many different unexpected repair costs and fixed, calculable expenses
  • Long-term quality retention as all service work is completed in accordance with AUDI AG specifications
  • Enhances the attractiveness of your Audi model when reselling as the extended warranty is tied to the individual vehicle
  • Corporate customers benefit from the ability to use their input tax deduction. May vary per market

Audi Approved :plus Extended Warranty

The extended warranty that you receive as part of the Audi Approved :plus used car program provides real peace of mind.

If your vehicle suffers a mechanical failure of a covered component we will, during the warranty period, cover the cost of having the mechanical failure repaired at an authorized Audi service center subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty.

Available Coverage


Audi Approved :plus Extended Warranty

Retail Facing 

Audi Approved :plus Extended Warranty

Long life

Eligible Vehicles
Less than 30 months old and 75,000 Km
Less than 60 months old and 95,000 Km
All mechanical, electrical and electronic failures
Named component cover

+6 months or 120,000 wecf*

+ 1 year or 120,000 Km wecf*

+2 years or 150,000 Km wecf*

Unlimited mileage option

+1 year up to 25,000 Km

+2 years up to 50,000 Km

Claim Limit
Car Market Value
Up to USD 10,000
Territorial Coverage
GCC, Lebanon and Jordan
Country of Purchase
*wecf: whichever comes first

Looking after you and your Audi

Your unique guarantee can be further extended when you buy your vehicle subject to vehicle eligibility and provided that your car is maintained by an authorised Audi service center. This way, we can be sure to provide complete customer satisfaction and give your vehicle the best level of cover.

The Audi Approved :plus Extended Warranty product is issued by authorised Service Providers.

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