The Audi Complete Maintenance Package offers you additional benefits covering certain wear and tear items not included in Audi Complete Service.

What is covered in Audi Complete Maintenance?

The parts and items detailed below are replaced free of charge along with labour should they be due for repair or replacement within the defined coverage period.*


  • Wiperblades
  • Front brake pads
  • Rear brake pads
  • Brake discs

Exclusions and limitations

  1. The Audi Complete Maintenance Package can only be acquired at the time of vehicle purchase.
  2. The package is specific to the vehicle on which it is applied and may not be transferred or compensated to another vehicle.
  3. The replacement parts and labour covered within this package are limited exclusively to the items detailed in the schedule.
  4. The total number of replacement intervals covered by this package are limited to the volumes detailed in the schedule.
  5. Additional replacements will be charged at time of replacement.
  6. Maintenance items may be claimed at any time during the specified relevant period, but is limited to the total number of replacements as detailed in the schedule.
  7. The package is only applicable when performed at participating authorised Audi service centres within GCC and Near East using Audi Genuine Parts® supplied by an authorised Audi dealer.
  8. No cash alternative is available. No refund or part refund will be given in the event of non-utilisation of all available replacement intervals. Parts may not be claimed if the associated work is not required.
  9. The responsibility of the Audi service network relating to the Audi Complete Maintenance Package is limited only to the provision of the defined and recommended scope of maintenance.
  10. No liability for any subsequent unrelated failures which may occur under the defined scope of the Audi Complete Maintenance Package or any indirect losses or costs incurred will be accepted.
For more details on country availability, terms and conditions please refer to the contractual details available with the
authorised Audi dealer in your country.

* Please see itemisation table for the maximum number of replacement intervals.

Period of Benefit

  1. The Audi Complete Maintenance Package benefits will be provided from the date of the first registration of the vehicle and will continue for periods ranging from 3 to 5 years with a limitation on km ranging from 45,000 km to 120,000 km, depending on the purchased Audi Complete Maintenance Package. It’s available for most models across the Audi range. Your authorised Audi dealer will inform you which specific models are covered and their appropriate coverage periods.
  2. After expiry of the period referred to above, there will be no further obligation on Audi Complete Maintenance Package to provide the benefits listed in the booklet. For more information, contact your authorised local Audi dealer.
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