Audi Q2

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A real character. The new Q2.

Whether it is used for an off-road adventure or for everyday driving in a big city – the Audi Q2 is the all-round vehicle. Youthful and provocative in its styling and with all sorts of high-tech equipment on-board, the compact SUV is an urban-type vehicle for everyday driving and recreation, uniting a progressive design with a high level of functionality. Connectivity, infotainment and assistance systems are on level of full-size class.

The entrance in the quattro world.

Customers can choose quattro with the 35 TFSI COD – an attractive entry into the quattro world. The hydraulic multi-plate clutch with its electronic control transfers torque nearly entirely to the front wheels in normal driving, but it can redirect torque to the rear axle variably and lightning fast if necessary. This is how the quattro drive unites driving pleasure and driving safety, taking them to a new level. The torque vectoring system complements its performance.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption, combined:
CO2 emissions, combined:
4.4 l/100 km
103 g/km
4.7 l/100 km
109 g/km
  • Acceleration
    from 0 to 100 km/h

  • 10,3


  • Maximum speed
    up to

  • 212


  • Performance
    up to

  • 190


The exterior of the new Audi Q2.

Q2 customers can configure the look of their car according to their wishes in many aspects. Add-on parts, which vary according to the trim line, give the SUV a sporty or typical off-road appearance.
Especially eye-catching is the low roof that descends and merges into the C-pillars with color offset blades. This contrast accentuates the sportiness of the Audi Q2. The rear body terminates in a dynamic way with a long roof spoiler and a diffuser that has an underbody- protection look.
In a side view, the high shoulder line is especially eye-catching as are the concave flanks in the door area. The latter emphasize the wheel housings and thereby the quattro character of the compact SUV. The vehicle measures 1.51 meters tall and 1.79 meters wide. The overhangs are short with a vehicle length of 4.19 meters and a wheelbase of 2.60 meters.
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The engines of the Audi Q2.

Audi offers a selection of two engines for the Q2: two TFSI engines whose power outputs range to 150 hp and will be enhanced up to 190hp later in 2017. The engine program follows the principle of rightsizing. This is about striking the perfect balance between vehicle class, engine displacement, power output, torque and efficiency behavior in everyday conditions.

The TFSI engines

The following gasoline engines are available: the exceptionally efficient 30 TFSI (116 hp) three-cylinder engine, and the 35 TFSI (150 hp) equipped with cylinder deactivation (COD: cylinder on demand). Audi has developed a new combustion process for the latter, which enables the four-cylinder engine to realize the fuel economy benefits of a downsizing engine in part-load operation, while offering the benefits of an engine with large displacement at higher loads. This results in excellent efficiency and power behavior over the entire engine speed range.

The interior of the new Audi Q2.

Wide-opening doors and a high door sill that is typical of SUVs offer convenient entry into the interior that provides space for five people. The driver sits in a sporty, low position relative to the steering wheel, like in an Audi sedan, but still enjoys the good visibility of an SUV.
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In the elaborately crafted interior, customers also have many ways to express their personal style. Colors like yellow, orange and red may be selected for decorative trim and certain areas of the seats. The trim is also available in white plastic or brushed aluminum. Seat upholstery choices range from high-end fabrics to fine Nappa leather. At night, the optional LED lighting package makes the interior especially attractive. In the top version, LED light strips illuminate the sculpturally formed trim at the front of the instrument panel and the knee pads with homogeneous light. Ten colors are available.

Customisation features at a glance

Exterior colour


colour selection
12 exterior colours including 2 new and exclusive to Q2

C-pillar blade


C-blade colours
New contrast C-pillar blade in a choice of 5 colours

Illuminated inlays


colour options
LED lighting with illuminated inlays in a choice of 10 colours



Alloy wheels designed in sizes 16”-19”

The equipment of the new Audi Q2.

Operating the Q2 is easy and ergonomic as it is in every Audi. The MMI screen is positioned high on the instrument panel as standard. Its size depends on the infotainment system that is ordered. Its functions are controlled by a rotary/push- button control and two buttons on the center tunnel. The driver assistance systems for the Q2 come directly from the full-size class.
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